love & drama is my life
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2001-07-06 02:29:35 (UTC)

july 5, 2001 (then and now)

sup,ok well joe bell is my ex-boyfriend joe b. useto go out
with my cosin michelle n. but when he went with her we had
an affair (we didn't do it we just fooled around!) well
then she lost her virginaty with him then she dumped him....
like a long time after she did she found out that i still
love him ever since we fooled around, so she got us huked
then the first week we went out he never called, it mad
me wanta die!!! then he called me and i was so happy we
talk everyday (almost) for 2 weeks... then we made a plan
for me to stay home from school so he can come over!!! i
did and he did... we were so happy together... we almost
did it twice but i couldn't because i know deep down he
didn't love me back!!!!! but it was so romantic i love him
so much... well he came over at 9:25 and left at 3:05!!!
then when he left he didn't give me a kiss goodbye or n e
thing he didn't even say good bye... so i ran outside after
him and yelled joe he just got in his cosins car and left!
so i started to cry! later i found out he stoll some of my
dads stuff!
for the next 3 weeks he didn't call me... but i tryed 2
call him but everytime i did someone over there would
cussed me out!! i wonted 2 kill myself!!!
then he finaly i called him and i got trowe and i cryed
cause i was so happy he called me and said that he was
locked up and a bunch of lies and said his cosin stoll
it!!! then i told him how i knew he was liein' but then he
said to call him back when i make sence then hung up on
me... so i called him back and said i'm sorry and i love
him more then n e one and i just care to much... then we
talked for hours then he said that he still loves my cosin
and he dumped me i cryed so much... we when out for 6 weeks
and one day!
then he kept callin me and we were best friends then his
phone got disconnected!!! then he called me on july 3rd and
we talked for a long time he said he was dronk but later on
in the conversation he said figure out this riddle i l u
then call me back! so i know it was i love you so i called
back and said is it i love you and he said yes then i said
awwwwww is that 2 me or are you just sayin' that he said
you figure it out this next riddle will help you i c l w u
figure it out and call me back i said ok then i couldn't
figure it out so i called him back and said i don't know!
so he said you have to so we talked for a little while then
he said i have to go i said ok then i said call me back he
said ok i said you promise i said ok he said the riddle is
I Can't Live Without You bye then he hung up!!!
i'm not sure if he's goin' to use me again or if he only
said that cause he was dronk or nothin'... i'm confussed
someone help!!!! i love him but he still hasn't called me
back he called me from his grandma's house but he's not
there nomore!!! what should i do if you know please write
me at [email protected]

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