A day in the life....
2002-07-28 19:25:56 (UTC)

I'm Back

Okay...2 nag mails later...
Hello my adoring public! I hope you are well, although i
know some of you are not. Must write many e-mails in near much happens when i'm gone for a week.
It's only 3 weeks away..that's right, CLASSES. So therefore
i must purchase books, figure out what classes i have what
days, find some good folders, pay for books (ick), and i
work more and more these next few weeks. I'm not happy BUT
i am ready to get back into the normality of collegiate
life, if there is such a thing. I'm ready to swing dance
again, go back to IV, lead a prayer group, have people
back...oh yes, i miss my people. The summer has just seemed
to fly by, sadly. I haven't done all i wanted to, but i
still have a little time left to try to do some.
I was in North Carolina all last week being a bum. Watched
tv, read books, and got a tan on the beach. It was nice.
But i'm back now and life seems to just rush along. Oh
well, must go for now. God bless and i'll update more