My life...one day at a time
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2001-07-06 02:29:30 (UTC)


Just when I think my day couldn't get anybetter my Great
Eyes Guy called. When he calls I get all giddy inside. I can
never wait till I see him again. I'm always so impatient
waiting for him. I just like him so much.

So life is good. I mean I have my bad days, but more good.
Today was good.....I got to drive on a real road. With lots
of cars....and didn't freak out. Thats new for me.

I have to babysitt ALL day tomorrow and when I say ALL day I
mean ALL day. For the Bartons from 8am to 4:30pm and then
5pm to 11pm for the shults. Uhg! But at least I get $$$$$

*Can't wait to see my Great Eyes Guy*