My life is a teenaged hickup!
2001-07-06 02:16:40 (UTC)

Taylor Manor,Shepherd Pratt...Etc

About me?Im an 18 year old mother to be in November with a lot of spare time since Im not in school anymore.My neighborhood is
pretty normol.At 13 all I thought about was drugs.Now I look back and notice that I was one of the luckey ones who was sent to a
residential school instead of jail.It seems unfair that they spent 6 months off and on,where as I spent my whole teenaged life.I'm well
known at Taylor Manor,Good Shepherd,and know others too well at Shepherd Pratt.All I will say to Shepherd Pratt visitors is"When
you get out of there dont underestamate ANYONE you know from there!"
These places are not as bad as people say though.They are mearley a place to learn any habbits that suit your mood at
the time.I learned how to menipulate obsess and label disorders on anyone I come in contact with.Now that can be
good and bad.
The reason I was put in these places was not drugs.It got me into strict transport only in drugs and made my buisness
on my block much more reliable to my dealers.I was put in there because of a local phone number dateing service I
called all the time.It's called 410 602-Meet.