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2001-07-06 02:03:59 (UTC)

Here's to the Night

Today was SO much better than yesterday!! My mom woke me
up at 9:30. We left the house at 10:40, and went to some
teacher supply store for summer school stuff. Then we went
out to eat lucnh. After that we went to Best Buy, where I
got a new phone. Because last night, when I went to see
who had called, I found out that lightning ran in on our
phone line, so I couldn't see who called. So I thought
that today was going to be a bad day like yesterday!! But
anyways, I went into my room when we got home and I called
Kevin. At like 5:00 and then my sister made me get off the
phone at 6:30, so I'm going to maybe call him when I get
off of the computer. Plus, I finished some of my summer
reading for school today. All I have to do that is left is
write 2 one-page journals for 8 LONG chapters in a GOOD
book!! I can't believe that a summer reading book about
WAR is good!! It is All Quiet on the Western Front. If
you guys ever get really bored and wanna read a good book,
check it out. Oh, and then I have to do the thing I hate
most, write an essay for Farenheit 451. And the book is
good, because I have read it before, but I just really
don't want to write an essay!! I really hare writing
essays. I'm probably just going to write it the last day
before I have to turn it in. So that would be on August
16th. I have to turn it in on August 17th. I really HATE
essays!! They are so yucky!! And I'm not going to go to a
website or anything and get one, because the teachers
always look at all those things to make sure no one
cheats. A person in my class last year plagarized from the
Cliff Notes to The Good Earth, and on his paper, she
wrote, "Cliff Notes, page 48." And she circled the thing
that he took from the Cliff Notes. I thought it was funny,
but he made a 0 on it because of him plagarizing. And my
friend made 2 F's on the things last year, and one B. Just
because she got them off of a website. And she is doing it
again this year. I told her that she is crazy, but she
won't listen to me. So, "Here's to the Night" of writing

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