My Diary
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2002-07-28 10:19:27 (UTC)

Sunday Evening, July 28, 2002

Today has passed by extremely fast.... got up , went to the
gym, came back and had lunch, talked to Albert on the
phone, watched some TV ... and now I should start working
on the proposal.

Half of the summer has already gone by.... started my new
job couple days ago... this is the most demanding job that
I have ever had. I don't really want to think of how I am
going to struggle with time when school starts in September.

Rob is now in Thailand for Scuba Diving. I miss him. But
then, I feel kinda distance with him. I tend not to think
about that too much as I just got million things to do and
worry about now. I think the best way is just to take it
easy right now.

Gotta go and work on the proposal.

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