DayDream Believer
2002-07-28 08:36:34 (UTC)

Why cant`t you tell me?

I tryed talking to Tommy agen last night, but oh no..
I wanna know where we are, I wanna knowwhats happneing, I
wanna be with him..
Its not that he dont like me, I know that for sure, he
always want me to be with him;-)
Like this morning, I`ve been staying over at his place
since Friday and stil he aksked me "can you please stay
over til tomorrow,I `ll drive you til the buss before I`ll
go to work, so you wont be late to Ms Lindsay, please.."
And he said that last night that he wanted us to have more
time toughether.

He want to be with me like all the time, even when I was
sick. He calles me, come to me at work, invite me to stay
at his place, yesterday he even invited me to come with him
to his mother!! jay!
He was with me home last Sunday afther spending the weekend
at his place we went home to watch the formula 1. It was
nothing official, I`ve told them that we`re just friends,
even though they dont believe me cause I talk about him
24/7 and spend all my time with him.
Yesterday Bob and a lot of the other boys came, and Bob
said that I could go early, I was stil feeling a little bit
sick so I was happy about it. So I called Tommy and he came
to town in Benjamins car.
Remember that we where going out with benjamin and Julie on
this party but then I started to throw up?
Well, Tommy took Benjamin`s care and drove them there, then
he took the car back at his place, cause Benjamin didnt
wanted the car to stay where the party was the next morning.
We went home to Tommy`s place agen, and he called Benjamin
and said that he could come over with the car now, and then
he said that he was thinking about going a short trip up
til his mother and sister.
Oh, I think I forgot to tell you, but the has a two year
old sister (three in August) Emma.
He is so sweet with her and loves her so musch, she must be
the lucky`est girl in the whole wilde world.
He do anything to pretect her.
Me, Tommy and Emma has been going out doing things like
shopping and fun fair so I`ve meet her.
She was the one who gossiped to their mother about me, he
had hurt her finger (not bleding but it hurt) so she wanted
plaster, I had one in my bag and gave it to her.
But when she came home her mother sow the plaster and aked
who gave you this and she stared telling so her mother
aked "do Tommy have a girl friend?" and she said yes yes!
She asked Tommy but he ofcouse said no, I had forgot my
jacket in her wagon so Tommy had to take it with him back
to the town where I was working.
He got two aunts and some cousins at the same place where
Mr Lindsay lives, I think he told her one day that, so she
called them to find out more about me and her cousin who is
the same age as Im knows who I am, since Im in the same
class as her friends and one of the anunts know who my
mother is. His mother was so courius that she just had to
ask them, hehe.
Oh well, back to the story, so he said the was goning to
see his sister for a little while and the take the car back
to Benjamin who would drive him home agen.
So he aked if I would come to, but I had been throwing upo
earlier that day, I did not like the clothes I was wearing
and feelt verry ugly, beside I had not been sleeping much
the night before, so I said that I didnt wanted to come
with him. He was like are you sure, the you can see my
mother, where I grow up and stuff..
But I was sure, so I stayed at his place and feelt asleep,
but Im glad he asked.

Oh my Good Im so much in love with him!!
I guess I have been that for a long time, I`ve just been
denighing it because of the thing with S*.

Love Angel