Life, Love and Heartache
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2002-07-28 07:18:44 (UTC)

A few days... guys.... Advice?

I had a wonderful Thursday night, talking to my baby....
it was a good night. It was a really good night. I really
felt like I got close to him. Although I know he is not
mine and I can't have him, it feels good the way he talks
to me. He makes me feel like I am the most important person
in his life. Somedays are just so great... what can I say?
On the other hand, I cancelled my date so I could be
home to talk to him... and he wasnt even there. He hasn't
been there all weekend. Now I feel like a real jack ass. Oh
well I guess. I will talk to him another day and it won't
even matter to anyone then.
This Friday coming up is my friends birthday. He is my
friend I met in the Caribbean. I was talking to my sister
the other day and she said her friend Robert said that
Gerald was upset that I haven't talked to him in weeks.
Gerald got all upset and asked if I met someone else and
didn't care about him anymore. I am really flattered. He
really got jealous......... but on the other hand, my
little sweetheart Aaron got upset too when I said I had a
I really don't think that it matters to either guy about
what I do because they both seem to have their own ladies
they are interested in, where they live. I am not so sure
that Aaron really loves me as much as he says. I think he
does love me, very deeply, but I do not think I am number
one on his list and in his life. As for Gerald, I know he
has a girlfriend and I just think he cares about me as a
dear friend. Sometimes these guys just let their jealousy
take over, but that doesn't mean that they have real love
for me. Boys I tell ya..........