Me and My LIFE
2001-07-06 00:54:37 (UTC)

july 5,2001

to day really hasn't been all that wonderful. i have
been sick and every thing hurts. i just pinched my finger
and it hurt really bad. well let me start on my
.................It all begins on May 23,1985. The day Iwas
born. I attended Chateau Estates Elem. School for 6 years.
after that i went to Roosevelt MIddle School. Iwas there
for 3 years. Now im attending Bonnabel High Schooli have
been here for 2 years.

my freshman year was really fun. i was in a new school. A
new really big school. All my friends for middle school was
there with me well i went to 3 peprallys and was in student
councle. It was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! but then at the end of
this party and time to play around i learned now what i was
supposes to learn but i learned i had FAILED my freshman

my next year was suppose to be my sophmore year but it was
more like my freshmore year! this year i told my self that
i was going to pass with good grades. At that beging of the
yearwe have 4 pep rallys i went to all of them but i wasnt
in student councleand i was stuck with people i didnt know
and they were all FRESHMEN!! i was like great im not going
to have any thing to do with any of them!!! but guess what
i found myself with really good freshmen friends that i
will always keep in touch with... i made a promise to my
self thta i kept i made all good grades!!! for 2 9 wks. i
had a 3.0 and by the last nine wks my gpa only droped .3!!!
now i have a 2.7 which is a VERY HIGH c.

well now im going to tell yall about my friends and family!!
i live with my mom & dad and my sister. i only have one sibling. but
i wish i had a brother also it doesnt matter wether hes old or young
i jus alwayz wanted a brother. about a month ago i found my little
brother. hes not really my brother but hes jus like me in all wayz
and i feel i can tell him anything. he tellz me about his girlfriends
and i help him through any thing like girl problems!!!!!! ok nuff
bout my lil bro on to all of my other friends theres sherry a/k/a
sissy, katie a/k/a baby girl, jade a/k/a kitten, chad hes jus chad
and all of the other goofy twizted little friends. oh and there 2 i
def. cant forget jessica shes really cool and WEIRD not to say that
is bad cuz why be NORMAL??? shes in to witchcraft wait i forgot to
say we all are. were all little twizted weirdo's ok back to jessica
shes one of a kind... i never found another person like her... and
then there is MARK mark is one off the best people i ever met... i
honestly can say i LOVE him he one of the most importian people in my
life. if your wondering yes hes my boyfriend. i love him so much.
i've never loved any boy as much as i love him and yes he a weirdo
like us but hes more weird then the rest of us i think. and then
theres IMAGE shes jus like a big sister she brings me every where and
buys me everything. i love her too. and i have all the basic family

well i guess this is it

and today i found that one of the people i knew was killed. she had 4
kids and a loving husban. the guy that killed her wanted her car he
seen that she had 4 children and still killed her i hope he rottes
in hell for ever and ever and i hope sam is with god and looking down
on her family and i hope GOD helps the family