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2001-07-06 00:49:56 (UTC)

what the hell is going on here

seriously, my life right now is too complicated.. and maybe
I am looking way too into things but I am totally over
sensetive over everything.. let me start from the
beginning, edymar and I , well things were taken to a
different level lets just say and nowits seems like he is
totally backing off.. and everytime he tells me that he
wants to make sure that I don't feel alone and that he
wants to do nice things for me.. its just all talk, this
relationship is turning out like me and brian and I really
don't like that,, he says that he is this amazing guy and I
know that he is, i don't know why he fucking won't just act
like it.. its seems like he spends more time with his X
girlfriend then me maybe he is freaking cheating on me, I
mean hey he did it to her whos to say hes not doing it to
me.. right??? maybe I am just upset and confused and not
understanding his perspective but I think that I am totally
hearing both sides of the freaking story and hes not.. I
know that they have a lot going on with them , but still
hes being totally selfish I worry about him and her and ask
him if hes ok.. its just not cool.. I should probably just
get away from this guy.. I truly care about him and want to
make it work though... I don't like people that are all
fucking talk though... so whatever