2001-07-06 00:48:18 (UTC)

Love me or love me not!!!!

21 years old married since 19 to the so called love of my
life. I have a beautiful baby who I would do anything
for. My only thing is does her father my husband love me.
Sometimes I wonder if he really loves me. He has lied in
the past about bills and money all to keep his precious car
(BMW). He is constantly with me I love him more than
anything in the world but I feel he loves material things
more than he could ever love me and our daughter. his
greed is killing our love everyday. And everytime I think
it is getting better i find another bill or debt that he
hasn't paid. I would do anything for him and he knows that
the question often comes to mind would he do the same for
me? Does he love me? I often wish he were there to just
hold me and when we have sex I wish it were love he was
making to me. I don't understand I am a young attractive
females guys are always approching me and I tell them I am
happily married. Married yes happily I use to be about 6
months ago maybe. I wish he would make up his mind and
either love me or leave me. I feel like he is only with me
for either the baby or for me to help pay his bills off. I
just want to be loved like I use to be loved. BABY JUST
LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! : (