my simple small world
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2002-07-28 04:49:21 (UTC)

SC is the shiz

Yeah, I got back today from South Carolina.......and I
really regret coming back.I didn't have much choice but
still....Just everything there was close to perfect.(Except
my foot-when I first got there I was running in the ocean
and fucked up my foot real bad.I broke blood vessels and
whatnot and couldn't walk till like the third day there)
I've been trying to reach my boyfriend (Chris) all nite but
no one is answering the phone, and he hasn't been
Yeah, I'm doubting he cares that I came back...I don't know
anymore.....but I don't care....
I'm feeling some kinda strange.Over the past few days I've
been having up to 10 and a half hour drinking binges and I
haven't gotten alot of sleep.For the past two days, I've
only got two hours of sleep.Right now I can't sleep, so
work tomarrow is going to be a barrel of laughs.
I got my eyebrow pierced at the beach....the guy who did it
could barely speak english.When I told him that I wanted my
right eyebrow pierced, he tryed talking me out of it saying
that's the one you get pierced if your gay....I told him I
know that's complete bullshit, and he said nothing.I guess
that wasn't the smartest thing to do.After all he did have
a needle and I was trusting him to pierce me.
I gaged my earlobes up to a 2g.I went from a 6 to a 2..yep
that was fun...actually they don't hurt at all, and I'm
ready to go up to a zero....
I got to catch a show while I was in South Carolina.(at the
house of blues)It was ill nino,soil,flaw, and drowning pool.
The concert was the highlight of my vacation......*sigh.I
miss it....I miss's ironic the first guy I met that I
actually really feel for in awhile, I barely get to say hello and
then leave again.....something clicked....but I'm in fucking md so
who knows what'll come of it...(sorry chris, but your an asshole, and
catching you cheating on me makes me not take you seriously..)
There was a human disaster named eric I met.....he just yeah, was
a major loser, and I hope he has one of the shitiest lives
ever known to man for his arrogance and rude behavior....
I wanna go to bed....but I fear I've caught insomnia...
Damn it....
there is no relief right now.....none whatsoever.....