No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-07-28 03:20:34 (UTC)

hey! Matt came and hung out..

hey! Matt came and hung out with me tonight. lol. He saw my
stretchy dress that I am wearing tomorow and put it on.
lol. It was so damn funny. He was like "what would your mom
think if she knew you were in here with me and all i was
wearing were my boxers?" it was funny...he has a gf though
so I'm not worried about it. I stole his Independent
shirt..its comfy. He will never get it back. How come I
always want the guys who end up getting gfs before knowing
I liked them and then they'rea ll like "oh my god! you're
hott! I wish I would haev known" no no no, not matt. Other
guys...its weird. But I dotn stay sinlge for long myself.