My life, one big sarcastic story
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2002-07-28 03:17:50 (UTC)


alritey i just got from L.A.!!! it was a good trip, lots of
shopping but not many hot guys which was sorta a bummer. i
usually hate shopping,but since this time was a pure
shopping SPREE I liked it.hehehe i got what i wanted,im not
complaining. so i was gone for like a week,the whole time i
saw i think 3 semi-cute guys. i was like NOT-COOL!The last
day, on friday i saw the most PERFECT guy.sorry to say but
better than the guy at home. this guy had a cool
name,Nissim,plays the piano with a burning passion (major
turn on hehe), has the cutest laugh, totally confident(but
not overly), really nice to everyone, works on his own-
playing the piano in the mall and selling HIS cds, he
dresses really really well,oh ya and the best part...not to
sound shallow, but HE WAS SOO HOT!!!!! not in like the
blonde, buff, football player type. drk brwn hair, with big
big brown eyes. oh so cute! the smile.....oh when you look
at him and he smiles you seem to melt. which was cool cause
thats not something that happens everyday. o well i should
probably go and i will remember something else later, cause
guess who called out of the blue????? my home boy! lol the
guy i like. hes got a friend with him but i wanna do
somethign with him but what?! he cant come over here cause
its kinda weird with my dad and guys. my older sister and
him used to be friends but they arent ne more so shes like
he cant come here! okay whatever i would understand that.
ok i am leaving!!! BYE