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2002-07-28 02:34:49 (UTC)

ThE TeMpLe

Today i went to the temple its this place where bands play
punk rock muzik. it cool. sum of my friends didn't show up
today but they will next week. i still can't hear cuz the
muzik was so loud. im so happy but sad cu i say Angelo but
had to say goodbye. i have a feeling that he knows i like
him. after the temple we went to buger king, it was cool.
and today my dad downloaded DSL its cool u can go online
and talk on the phone at the same time. ::tear:: i miss
Angelo. Hi Brittany it was cool hanging out with u tonight.
well i didn't get to c chris today but he finally called
me. and remembered my #. ahhh i could still smell Angelo's
calone ahhh hes so cute. and he kissed me goodnight but it
was on the cheek. right now im bored. so im going to go to
sleep. goodnight all and sleep tight.

~Cookies are good~
~I am the cooky monster~
~I will eat u~ Bwahhahahaha~