nobody cares
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2002-07-28 02:20:04 (UTC)

july 27th

well once again all my friends are blowing me off or are
never home and i guess its alot of my fault but sometimes i
wonder y
thisevening i was very depressed and i couldnt stop crying
because i didnt know how to deal with all this
my dad really depressed me today because he told me that i
was gonna be able to apin my walls today and instead i have
to wait till tommorow night just to prim meaning instead of
being able to go to the mall for the day on mon to get away
from this hell hole i have to paint!!!i mean yes i want to
pain my walls but not on monday because thats the only day
i get to enjoy myself and its been a while since that
i did get to talk to this guy on the net today that was a
big stress relieaver because i dunno i didnt end up
screeming at my parents and going completly crazy out of my
i need some gum
i need some luvin' lol
i need some cuddlelin'
i need a life
i need a knife
i want some respect
i want some chocolate
i need to be cared by
please fill some of my dreams
phoebs aka sayrah