My diary (creative huh?)
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2001-07-05 23:33:58 (UTC)

Don't start

- 5/17/2001

I haven't had the best day, but it hasn't been that bad.
After school I was supposed to go to industrial technology,
but lopez couldn't do it. Asher waited for me, and we both
missed the bus. We wound up walking home, it is about 3
mile walk which isn't that bad. But, he had to bring up the
fact that I was obsessed with Kyle last year, and he had to
give me his opinion on it to. Which was, I started cutting
myself because I wanted to impress Kyle. HA! Kyle meant a
lot to me... but, not that much. I started cutting before I
became friends with Kyle. When I got home I had to go to
softball. I love softball, but it is to much sometimes.
After softball I can home to get yelled at. Which topped of
the day! I have so much that is going on, and there is so
much I have to say. I just don't have anyone to talk to.
People tell me they are there for me but, they either don't
understand, they are to judgmental, or they have there own
problems to deal with and I feel like I am just bothersome.
I went to my psychiatrist yesterday, I only go because my
Mom doesn't listen to me, and this is one way to work out
our problems. I can't talk to her. She is to judgmental. If
I don't conform to the rest of the world, I get bitched at.
If I am different, it is bad. She harassed me about the
fact that I am not spending a lot of time with Kelsey and
Bianca and all them.

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