My diary (creative huh?)
2001-07-05 23:33:36 (UTC)


- 5/16/2001

When my parents got home yesterday, I got a whole long
speech on High School and my friends. My dad was angry
because I didn't get into high honors. It really brought me
down. Then, when my Mom got home, she says I am a liar, and
I should stop lying about things. My Mom said "that I
shouldn't have problems, I live in a good neighborhood." I
dropped to know knees and started crying. She told me that
i should tell her whats wrong. I told her to leave. When
she left I grabbed the sharpest thing I could find. I said
I would never cut my self again, I just couldn't help it! I
needed relief! Today Michael Golden looked at my wrist and
asked what happened. I replied softball, and he seemed to
believe me, thank God! I don't want people suddenly caring
about me. And asking questions
Well, i have to go

P.S. i really want to give kyle my diary name. But, I don't
want to put myself on the line for anything!