My diary (creative huh?)
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2001-07-05 23:32:32 (UTC)

So much, on such a small plate

- 5/15/2001

So much is happening, I went to all my friends junior honor
society celebration. I went to support them. I thought it
would be something nice to do. But, all through the
ceremony I was thought, "I wish I was up there. If only I
didn't slack off this year!" :::Sigh::: I feel like

My favorite teacher, wasn't rehired. Today was his day to
go fight for his job, and I know nothing. Kite said she
would call me as soon as she knew if he got his job back!
Though, I am moving on to High School and I won't be with
Lopez (the teacher) I know he would always be there! If he
doesn't get his job back, he is going to retire from
teaching and move to the East. I can't handle this!

Its been bugging me for a while, I have to write it down
somewhere, I liked Kyle all last year, until he started
pushing me away. I had no choose but to leave him alone. I
have kept my distance until now because he had hurt me so
bad. But, now him and me are talking, and though I have
always have had minor feelings for him, they are now
starting to show more and more. They aren't strong, but
they are there. I am so pathetic. It's like I still think
he is mine, but that is only a dream world. I can't start
this again..

I kinda have feelings for Matt, I know he is just a crush.
I really can't like him. He is a liar, and he isn't exactly
boyfriend material. Why am I always attracted to guy who
hurt me! First there was Kyle, then Paul and now who is
next? I can't handle it!


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