My diary (creative huh?)
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2001-07-05 23:29:20 (UTC)

Movies and people (they have nothing to do with each other) This starts my old entries


People tell me alot of things... and half of them don't
effect me... they are just a waste of time... pointless
information, that fills up my brain... so by the time i am
done listening to them... i have a wad of information that
i could give a flying fuck about...

I just finished watching fightclub and half baked, which
are now in my top movie list.. I loved them.. My g/d the
last line of half baked is "i love my weed, but even more i
love pussy!!" now that total does not apply to me but it
was the funniest thing i had heard that day. Now on to
fight club... Fight club was a twisted movie!! I loved it!!
my g/d i could watch it a million times. it was so
disturbing. BUT SO AWESOME

Resent update Good God! I couldn't type or spell! ( I
still can't!) Fight Club is still my favorite movie of all
times! I am now reading the novel, and enjoying it!