Electric monkey
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2001-07-05 22:40:08 (UTC)

Belly dancing in a nut-shell

So i had fun over the holiday, that being the fourth of
july. I dont really have anything to say, other then
playing frisbee at night is really weird and challenging.
you cant see it. oh well.
Helped assemble Jessica's first zine today. actually i just
went to the copy place with her, and then ripped the pages
in half.
There was a belly dancing class at the library today [belly
dancing in a nut-shell, so ive heard]. i looked though the
window and the people were dancing around. it was even more
interesting because a couple people i knew were in there.
heh heh.. you know who you are! oh, and at the library i
also finally got the book ive been wanting to rent for a
long time now, after watching the movie 50 million times,
Girl Interrupted. now ive got something to do.
im never home to get my phone calls, im so ashamed. =( im
well im gunna go read more now. bye.

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