my thoughts
2001-07-05 21:35:40 (UTC)

July 5th

well me and my sister did it this time, we sent our mother
to jail what for you ask? she is a crazy alcolic and a
disabled old lady my mother had me when she was 43 i am now
17 and my mother is some where near 60 and she drives me
nuts. i dont live with my mother she doesnt have a home now
that my sister kicked her out of her house for drinking it
is very well deserved i moved in with my dad and his
girlfriend who is so sweet and nice . i lived with my
sister who is 13 years older than me for @ 5 years that was
some of the best times of my life,the worst was when i
lived with my mom when i was @ 11-14 my life was out of
control. i partyed no one cared my dad was off drinking at
the time those friends were awsome they were the coolest
and the fact that they showed me the time of day was
amazing. i gave in to peer pressure with everything . i
drank, smoked pot ,took lots of drugs and for those years i
was numb. i had sex for the first time when i was 13 i
hated it a later realized i wasnt responseable enoghe to do
in any more so i waited a while before i did it again. i am
glad tha chapter of my life is closed i dont think it was
my finest hour but i have to accept mistakes.