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2002-07-27 19:20:15 (UTC)

hello. well this week was so..

hello. well this week was so stressful. the kids at work
were so crazy and i fall asleep early every night lol. i
still havent shown my mom the tattoo but i almost did today
bc i got real pissed at her and my dad. i was supposed to
get my dads car before i go back to school and he was gonna
get a new car. well after telling me this he decides he
cant afford to get a new car and that i am goin to have to
buy my own car. now im not a spoiled brat and i dont expect
my parents to buy me a car but i was told that i could
drive this car for a year or two while i saved up for my
own car. so all of a sudden i am on my own. i have like
1000 dollars in the bank and i have a month to get a car.
so basicaly im screwed and i will be driving an unreliable
car back and forth to school this winter. i wish my parents
could just make up therir mind so i can make my own plans.
they keep telling me not to worry but i know when the time
comes im gonna gt ripped off and im so sick of it, esp when
it comes to my dad making decisions. grrr. so to cool off i
went to the pet store and held all of the animals lol. now
my mom is like dont worry we will take car of it-BULLSHIT

i still havent talked to matt since he blew me off. so
i guess its over. i havet seen barry lately bc he had food
poisoning. but i found out that he still lives with his
parnts in youngstown. wed we talked a lot at work and it
was realy cool. im startin to see how much more mature he
is sometims but at other times i would think he is my age.
yesterday we had our talent show and it was really
cute. i was in it with the kids and i coulnt belive how
confident i was. it was almost gross. but then barry wasnt
there to see it. lol