My Life... My Rules
2001-07-05 20:47:49 (UTC)

Hey 2 My Peeps

I just wanted to say HEY to all of my peeps... find
your name!!!

Andrew~~~Hey Baby. I miss you! Wish you were here, but
since you arent', I'm sending all of my x's and o's. I
love you. Hey, has that "signature in permanent marker"
rubbed off of your guitar yet? I know how to fix it.
Put "hairspray" on it. (seriously.) I love you. call me
sson. Love Always, Your Girl ~Kayla Michelle*

Kris~~~Hey boy! How's Texas? lol Oh, King misses you.
He wants you to come visit him soon! (To tell you the
truth, I think he just wants to sink his canines into your
flesh, since he missed the opportunity to do so when you
were here.) :-) lol GOTCHA!!! Well, "I CAN TAKE YOU
DOWN" and "OUTRUN YOU" any day of your life. You got
that? Bet me. :-) lol Well, hope to talk to you soon.
(Hey, I'll call you from the hotel room in Longview, ok?)
Love ya, cuz! Love, ~Kayla*

Christina~~~Hey Chicken! How are you? Haven't talked to
you in a while! Been miisin ya! Email me soon, okay? I
can't wait to see you at camp. We are gonna have so much
fun! :-) lol. I want to introduce you to Michael's
little sister Amanda. She's ready to meet you. Well, Talk
later, girl! (AWESOME!!!) :-) ~Kayla*

~I'll finish this list of ppl later. Mom needs me.
Talk to you all later! Those who I didn't get to... don't
worry, I will! ~ Love ya! ~Kayla Michelle*