2002-07-27 16:32:27 (UTC)


After all the hype about T.I. coming to Vamps, he finally
did! But guess what....I wasn't there to see him. Yep,
being broke doesn't get you anywhere. But I had someone
offer to pay my way.....but I kinda didn't want to be
inside the heat box anyway. They got to fighting anyway!
But anyway, it feels so nice to have the house to myself.
My mama is at work and my brothers are away at football
camp. It's so nice. Ain't nothing to do though. I don't
have much longer until I go off to school. I leave the 17th
of August. I'm really excited about it. I already know one
girl who is going to be in my FLC(Freshmen Learning
Community). She is from Sandersville and she went to
Cancun, so we have that connection. I know a few dudes up
there, but they are going to different schools though.
Overall, I think things are going to be straight. I haven't
got the contact info. for my roommates yet. My biggest
concern, I think, is how I'm going to adapt to my
roommates. It's not so much adapting being away from home,
but having to live w/ other people. It's going to be crazy.
I kinda feel like I will be the roommate who always has
company or the one who never is really around. I don't
know....I got the dose of freedom in Cancun and I liked it.
It's something about knowing that you don't have to go back
to your home. In Cancun, I think I stayed at my hotel maybe
two or three nites. I made my home at someone else's hotel.
I love the feeling of sleeping(and that's all it was!) next
to someone who you can talk to and learn about. I got a
natural high from it. I'm just so ready for the experience.
Well, on that note....I'll HOllA when I HOllA!!!!