my entity
2002-07-27 11:42:44 (UTC)


yeah...i guess im kinda too tired today...haven't sleep
enuff yet since i went to a doctor after work for a check-
up. and now im here in a cafe..sittin in front of a pc and
tryin to figure out what can i do...lolz..

my best friend went to house and invited me to go with her
to check her emails...well..i guess this is some kind of
having a quality time with her...

but well...i have a heavy heart today since me and my
father had an argument yesterday...i was shocked and did
something that is not good..sheessshhh...what's happening!!
grrr... while at work, i was laready thinking how to
apologize to him but when I get home, I learned that he was
not around and went to Olongapo to her sister...perhaps I
hurt him a lot *sigh*

oh well...i am so sorry for what i did and i will make it
up to him next time..i promise...

gotta go for now..i cant write often since its already a
taboo to surf and browse at the office, another *sigh*

7:55 PM