Pandora's Book
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2001-07-05 19:00:20 (UTC)

final goodbye

Thursday, July 5 2001

Nothing I ever do
Seems to be good enough for you
This is why I think I'm through
Now I'm saying GOODBYE

I don't seem to do anything right
I cry myself to sleep at night
All we ever do is fight
So I'm saying GOODBYE

All you do is yell at me
I tried to show you
But you'd never see
The broken person inside of me

I'm sick of crying, sick of PAIN
Sick of feeling like I'm dying
Over and over again

Just one more try
It will all be through
I won't have to deal with YOU

I have to die
So this is now
My final GOODBYE . . .

No, its not going to happen nor am I thinking about it. Just
a poem.