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2002-07-27 08:20:51 (UTC)

Do you love me, do you, do you?

Im sitting at the cyber cafe, Im supose to work, but I cant.
Last night, I was sleeping over at Tommy`s place, a friend
of him Benjamin called and wanted us all to go out.
I didnt want to cause I was working today, I feelt so ugly
that day and I feelt verry sick, but I said yes cause I
knew how much Tommy wanted to go.
He was like "I know you dont want to, plese tell me that
you dont want to.." But I said its okey and that we had all
tomorrow night to be alone.
I went to the bathroom, Benjamin was comming tom pick us up
with his girlfriend Julie, who he actually meat the night
the thre of us went out and me and Tommy started kissing.
Tommy said we`re leaving in fime minutes okey?
I think I once told him that I was feeling sick,c but I
didnt tell him how bad it was, and suddently I started to
throw up.
He feelt sorry for me and said, oki, we`re not leaving, I
wanted him to go cause I knew how bad he had wanted to hang
out with Benjamin, but he said that he didnt wanted to go
I keept throwing up the rest of the night, it was no fun
and I was feeling bad.
Tommy was so sweet and nice to me, asking me if I was all
right all the time, put on the show`s he know that I like
on the telly, and snuggle with me.
I really hate throwing up, but I was okey, this night na
dmorning I was feeling better, so I decided to not make the
boys any truble and go to work. I was so thirsty, cause
everythinh I had at Tommy`s came back up agen, water, coke
you name it. So when I came here I had some fresh water,
carefully, not to much even though I was verry thirsty, but
guess what, 15 minutes later it came all up agen!
Argh, So now Im having some dry bread and water agen, if I
also throw this up Im gonna call Bob and tell him that I
cant work.

The thing about my topic is..
Before I started to get sick, I was just feeling sick me
and Tommy talked about us - or at least I did, he didnt
feel like saying much.
I dont understand whats going on, he`s so sweet to me, Im
his only girl, he kiss me , hug me and touch me all the
time, he says he`s in love with me, but still, something is
holding him back, I wonder what?
I know he kinda got spurised when I said I needed some time
even though he had figured that something was wrong.
Now, nothing is wrong, and all I want is for us to get
tougether, Im SO much in love with him!!
Im so glad I went to see S*, now we`re bouth over it!
Tommy said he wanted to talk about it later, so mybe he`ll
tell me then.

Oh Im so tired, I didnt get much sleep, I`ve been vomiting
and I have this big floor to clean and 7 more hours to work.
I`ll probobly get like 180-200 costumers that I have to
smile to, be happy to and help them with all their stupid

I hate my self, why cant I just be healthy to day like Im
alwys? No wonder Tommy have his doubts.

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