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2002-07-27 08:17:17 (UTC)

I made a friend. Hehe. Before I..

I made a friend. Hehe. Before I just kinda lurked but I
actually talked to Ryan aka DrummerBoy. Nice guy has some
probs. Who doesn't tho?

I've realized that I talk alot about my friends and family
but I never really talk about me. I kinda dance around the
subject. My problems? I guess they all started when I was
8 and I was molested by my best friend's brother. He was
staying at our house cuz he had no other place to go. He
was a complete jerk too. He ate everything and this is
hard enough with 3 older bros and he ordered porn on Pay-
Per-View. He always did look at me this certain way. I
never really heeded it tho cuz at that age, I didn't
understand sex or anything else for that matter. That one
night tho, when he pushed me in the bathroom and touched
me, I'll never forget.

Ever since then, I've been with countless guys. I'm afraid
to count cuz I know thrice my fingers won't cover how many
guys I've kissed, messed around with, smoked with, got
drunk with. For some reason tho, I've retained a bit of
decency. I respected myself enough to not go too far. And
in the past few years, I've had a rebirth.

Hehe. I am talking to Jason and I'm hoping this is going
to be a good convo cuz we've had some pretty bad ones b4.
Man, I love this guy. Not like Tim. I don't think I could
ever love anybody like Tim but I love Jason as a friend.
I'm genuinely concerned about him. It kinda blows my mind
that I've known him for almost 3 years. He can be a
sweetie but he can be a jerk at times too. I accept it
tho. I'm a bitch at times. The only person who seems to
not get it is Tom. LoL! May the guy get a clue. We are
talking about Otakon, an anime convention, which has been
in progress since early yesterday. I'm going to it later
today and I'm staying til late Sunday night. I am soo
pumped. There is going to be cosplaying, karaoke, anime
viewings fresh from Japan, RPGs, a dealership room(*thinks
about the amount of anime and drools*), and much more that
I can't simply fathom. I wonder if Crispin Freeman is
going to be there. He was there 2 years ago. He is such
an awesome seiyuu(voice actor). Although, I do love Megumi
Hayashibara more.

Anyhow, its late. In 3 hours, I'll be on my way to
Otakon. Yay! Time for beddie bye tho. nite!

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