shifting mists
2002-07-27 07:28:15 (UTC)

dreams .. and a dusty box ...

... it hurts ...

was a hazy, lazy summer day...no breeze
big game today Pop
pass the butter please
did you know the guys make fun of me
'cause I play in tennis shoes
if I only had some spikes dad
we'd probably never lose

... i mean ... ~really~ hurts ... to stuff them back away ... after
fighting fears and troubles and self doubt and denial ... wrenching
them out into the open and dusting them off ... showing them to
another and having them accepted ...

You know we need to trim the hedge dear
I’ll tell you son
I’m gonna buy you some base ball shoes
if you can hit a homerun
so go outside and play
but be back by three
and we'll see you earn those spikes son
how 'bout some more ice tea

.. only to be later pushed away like they were nothing ... to be
shown in actions what words never said - that they aren't acceptable
after all ... to be proven wrong to have ever dragged them out in the
open for air to begin with ... let them breathe and become healthy
thriving dreams .... just to have to then cram them back into the
shadowed corner they came from ...

was a hazy, lazy summer day...no breeze
yelled for Jeff, "it's time to go!"
Hon, have you seen my keys
"Jeff come on home right now,
and don't you climb the Thompson’s fence!"
I’ll bet he runs full speed
it's so hard, kids have no sense

.... perhaps i should have never dragged them out in the first
place ... it seems to me that they fit much better in that dirty
dusty box before .. when they were weak and wilted and had been
ignored for so long ....

the crash was oh so loud!
and so was momma's scream
little Jeff hit the plate glass first
and then the wire screen
he forgot the sliding door was shut
dear god the blood
was all over the glass....our son
his tiny baseball glove

.. i'll get them back in there though ....

... if they fit once ... they can fit again ...

.. and this time i'll make sure to lock that box ... seal it
tight ...

was a hazy, lazy summer day...the wind stood still
preacher said, Jeff was with Jesus
must have been god's will
and now with his new baseball shoes
he lives beyond this grave
for he has run god's bases well
and slid in home base safe

.. and throw away the key ...

Song title and artist unknown.