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2002-07-27 06:45:00 (UTC)

7-26-2002 Holly's church Camp

Today's Song: [Craig David - Once In A Lifetime]

Woah, quite some time eh? yeah, no surprise!

Well, I went through my ccrushes of TJ, Josh Johnson,
Nathan, and now I am sort of anti-nsync but I still enjoy
some of their music, I am just really noticing their
fakeness suddenly. My new *obsession* is Craig david and
Avril Lavigne. I am so amazed at their talent and their
beauty - they have totally been blessed by the vocal
angel! Nto to mention the sexy angel as for Craig David
hah! Well it's like 11:41PM right now - i usually stay up
to 3 AM, but keep in mind I am going up north 2 hours away
from my house to go camping with my best friend holly who
is also my cousin, which also happens to be 5 weeks younger
than i, I must actually get more than 4 hours of sleep

We are most likely moving - Our landlord is selling this
place and he asked us if we would liek to buy it. We are
looking for loans to get 130,000 dollars to buy the house.
But if our landlord doesn't do a good job on fixing it, my
mom says we will have to move. I totally despise the 'for
sale's ign in my front yard - it makes me feel as though I
am not welcomed here and someone else has controll over
me. I have ran out of freedom and everyone is stepping on
my face with their worn out sneakers and the gum beneath
their shoes doesn't even want to attatch to me...

Leo (Our landlord) is also going to allow people to go through our
house and look at every single corner, nook and cranie. UGH! I can't
stand the thought of strangers going through my bedroom - perhaps
stealing CD's here and there. Well I got to go bye!

xoxo:alysha moulton

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