the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-05 18:17:24 (UTC)




yes finally McCall has the house to herself without the
pitter patter of 4 little feet .. my family are really
trying to push my buttons and i am about to explod !!!help !
okay so yeah well i went to practice today and i mean I am
just not seeing the point of swiming some of the strokes !
okay everyone let me get it out ! I AM LONELY !!!!!!!!!!
I listen to all these sad songs and stuff like that .. and
i am all " I need a guy in my life " I mean it is just
really irritating to talk to Darcy and have her talk about
Trey and me sit there and wish i could tell her about my
boyfriend ! humm i mean I have really high standards and
like I said i have only found on person so far that meets
all them and he lives way far away so I am all * GRRRRRRR*
but ne ways i mean i am not looseing all hope .. but oh
well i am not gonna harp on that .. EVERYONE ATTENION I CUT
MY HEAL ! I was walking from the grage into the kitchen and
like i went to shut the door and it caught the back of my
ankel and now i am like * oh this is attractice * i am all
limping around and ofcourse i can not really take pain so i
cried like a big baby .. and I kicked the door with the
other foot .. i guess i was like challenging it or
something i mean i am aze myself sometimes !.. okay i went
to the fireworks with Manda and her family and we were in
the car and i needed something with a point to *zig-zag *
my part in my hair so i get my car keys out .. * okay it
was the first thing i thought about * and i am attemping to
part my hair and the key gets stuck in my hair and i am all
* oh oh oh oh oh oh oh the key is stuck in my hair * and
Manda and I get it outta my hair and like then her dad and
mom and I start talking bout wired arkansas behaviors and i
am all * my dad puts the car key in his ear to scratch his
ear * it is wierd i know but like he really does and i am
all ** get the key outta your ear it look like your trying
to start up your head * I am sometimes shocked by the
things my dad does ! he is not weird by any means just a
little odd !.. yeah so ne ways the fireworls were okay .. i
mean they were better than last years .. :) and as for
their patriotic music it does not get more American than
madonna and Firestarter ! I mean it .. like they played all
these mixes that had nothing to do with the 4th .. that is
that Texas mentality for ya * lozer*!!!
okay well everyone i am outta here so lates

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