Jena's Rants
2001-07-05 18:11:51 (UTC)

Puke I am your fodder.................

My mind is so very very soft and mushy right now. I have
done absofuckenlutely nothing today. That's right and if
any of you have a negative thing to say about it you can
suck a big fat herpes infested dick for all I care. I am
sick and tired of putting forth effort with no reward.
Namely existing. It's like fucking for 3 straight hours
and never having an orgasm, isn't it ironic? Don't you
Shut up you don't understand the meaning of the word you
maggot eating lab chimpanzee who prefers coke over pepsi...
or was that coke over heroin? I dunno and who cares. This
is the ranting and raving of a corporately abused,
(includes verbal/mental/sexual), 21 year old female who has
had enough of this societal bullshit and she means
business. If you don't want to listen to her then perhaps
you will want to listen to reason. Her reasoning, "Listen
up motherfucker or all of you, and I mean all of you - so
no lil cocksucking kiddies are getting out of this one -
will be sufferring from severe burns to every region of
your body and then I am going to get out the trusty ol
napalm and battery acid......" Get the idea? Good, so now
let's negotiate. I say $50 million a year, a villa by the
French Riviera, and a shit load of la coca ( and i don't
mean the cola fuck head).

That was good, I had you all going didn't I?
Did you think Jena had flipped her shit?
You did and you didn't?
How 'bout you over there in the red t-shirt.

Okay, okay.....everyone chill out.

This is how we are going to do it,
fill out this form, cut and paste it,
and email it to me.
Okey dokey, can you follow these simple directions?
Okay then, try not to fuck it up sped.


Name: _______________________________________
Age: _____

Did you fall for it?
[] yes
[] no

What suggestions do you have to help Jena be more
convincing in her complete and totally insanity themes?

If Jena gets brought up on Murder Charges will you testify
in her defense?
[] yes
[] no

Do you think she should try for an insanity plea or a plea
[] insane in the membrane
[] yes i slit the membrane

Jena would love to answer everyones reply but unfortunately
it is pretty fucking hard for her to do that while she is a
state run mental facility in four point restraint while
getting a rectal exam by some hairy weird latino who forgot
to wear gloves. So.........instead we will just send you
money. $50 goes to each person who decides to return this
email, but you must not forget to include an address - DUH!