her wish eternal
2001-07-05 18:04:24 (UTC)

making up for last post

she said to me "your last one was short"
I thought that was a silly retort
I told her true it was quite long
but I looked and found my message was gone...
another she cried smiling and fair
so I sat down and pondered...then wrote with great care


stargazing is best in the dead of night, when the houses
around have faded to black and the stars are clear and
shining bright. But the stars overhead failed to hold my
attention. There in the dimness I kept staring, kept looking
at your face. Something inside me was burning.

I put my hand casually on your bare thigh, feeling the soft
cool flesh and wanting so much more. You continued to stare
upwards, but you looked distracted. I slid my hand up your
thigh, dipping in under the lining of your shorts to feel
your heat with my hand. You gasped and gently tried to force
my hand away. I kissed you then, to distract you while I
pushed my hand completely between your legs, touching your
paradise through the fabric of your panties. Undaunted, you
continued trying to push my hand away, but still you managed
to return my kiss with equal power. With my free hand I
pinned one arm down, shifting to that my body was on top of
yours. I kissed you again and slid my finger under your
panties to touch you. your hand stopped pulling at my
suddenly, and you moaned loudly into my mouth.

We held this position for several minutes, my finger softly
touching you and you alternating between kissing me and

"I love you" I said, and you nodded, unable to form a
response. Your breathing was heavy and it seemed that every
exhale, you pushed your body against my finger. I let go of
your other hand, and you wrapped your arms around my neck,
pulling me into a tight embrace. After several long and
enjoyable minutes, I pulled away. I let my now free hand pet
your breasts through your t-shirt, feeling curve and tracing
the outline of your bra. You were staring into my eyes, and
I couldn't help but grin. "take off your shirt, love." and
you nodded, pulling me forward into another quick embrace
before grasping your shirt and pulling it up and off your
body. Without prompting you reached behind you and unhooked
your bra, then looked at me, still barely covered by the now
loose item and grinned innocently. I slid my hand up your
bare stomach and felt your breasts briefly before grabbing
your bra and pulling it off over your arms. Your nipples
grew hard from the cold and the excitement. I sucked one
into my mouth and you moaned in pleasure. My free hand
played with the near breast and I sucked the far one. my
other hand kept busily petting you between your legs. You
moaned deeply and breathed heavily, letting your body go
limp under my attentions. I moved up to your face and
kissed you deeply on the lips. You stared at me.

"Love," you said quietly. "Let me make you happy"

I grinned. "You are." I began to pet her again between her
legs and she moaned and smiled. "No, love. You know what I
mean." I nodded and she continued "Please?"

I kissed each nipple one last time and nodded. I slid my
hand out from between her legs and laid back on the blanket,
feeling very content. If nothing more happened, I was on top
of the world.

I closed my eyes, feeling the night air blow softly against
me. I didn't know what you had in mind, except that you
wanted to please me, that could be any of a dozen things.
When I felt you fingers brush against my still covered
penis, I thought I knew, and smiled to myself. I was
expecting your mouth, honestly, and didn't see it coming, so
to speak.

I felt my penis exposed for a brief moment. I felt you
touching it and petting it fondly, feeling it grow stiffer
at your attentions. Then you just held it for a moment and I
grinned, waiting in eager anticipation.

What I felt was tight, wet, and wonderful. I moaned deeply
as you kissed me full on the lips, your body now sitting on
top of mine and my penis buried inside you. You pushed my
shirt up and lowered your body over mine, letting your
breasts rub tantilizingly against my chest. You hugged me
like that, letting my penis just sit inside you, filling
you. Then, finally, you began to slowly slide foward and
back, letting my penis bring you pleasure and letting your
body bring me mine. We kissed again and both of us were
breathing heavy. You lefted your upper half, changing the
angle of your thrusts and pushed again, trying to take me
deeper. My pants were still mostly in the way, and we both
franticly tried to pull them off. After some struggle, I
was bare at the waist. Your next thrust brought me in
deeper, and both of us paused, moaning. I was feeling
sensations I can't fairly describe and your face seemed to
be communicating the same. We continued in this way for
several minutes, going slow and feeling very content. But
something was building, and we both could feel it.

At a certain point, something inside me took control, and I
turned us over so you were on your back. I began thrusting,
first slowly like we hand been, letting you get used to
feeling my body. Your eyes were closed and you looked nearly
limp from pleasure. Your smile was tiny, but filled with
joy. I started pushing in faster and harder and you began
breathing heavily. The smile grew and at the same time went
limp, as if smiling itself became too bothersome. You laid
there seemingly unaware, and yet, I could feel, you are
feeling every movement, no matter how small...

I pushed faster, and you began to make little grunts, your
eyes rolled back and you spread your legs softly. After a
few moments, you came alive, wrapping your legs around me
and pulling me in harder...

we came like that...together...I pushed my final thrust into
you and you pulled me in tight and we held that position...

then, with a sigh, I rolled over next to you. You shifted so
your head was buried against me. I stared up at the stars
and they seemed brighter, more numerous then when we
started. You put your hand on my now-soft self and kissed me
deeply. "I love you" you said.

I grinned, and closed my eyes..."I love you too"