My Life & My Memories
2002-07-27 05:22:35 (UTC)

Just wondering

Todays conversation with him was kind of weird in the end.
One sentence of his really shook me. I really dont know
what he meant by that particular sentence. Although I was
really glad that we suddenly changed the subject and
started talking about something else but I am still
wondering did he really mean what he had said?

You know what? I dont want to know. I just want it to be
the way it is. We are two great people together. Its fun
sharing everything, its fun talking to him, its fun
listening to his usual stupidity and his child like
complaints at times which are out of nothing but just mere
tentions about his life. I know he will get over them soon.

But I am still wondering what if it was true...No it
couldnt be. I shouldnt be..!! It will really mess up
things!! We would never ever be the same again. But I am
sure enough that he is more sensible than that. After all
we have known each other for a long time now and he claims
to know me better than I know myself. WOW! Someone knows
the inner me without me knowing it. Great, simply great!

With hopes and prayers that we stay together forever and
ever this way, inseperable from each other, I take your
leave and say adios to the world.