Life as I know it.
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2001-07-05 17:33:04 (UTC)


Fourth of July was fun, me and my friends had our ghetto
college style day of fun. We got the KFC picnic feast for
us, watched some movies and got stoned. That was Heather
Jaci and I. Around 6pm Kristin, Lara, Dylan, and Dave come
on over and we sit around some more then we finally went to
the point to see the fireworks. The fireworks were awsome
but I UGH thought i saw Matt so i turned to talk to dave
for two reasons 1. I didnt want to see matt ad 2. if matt
saw me he saw me talking to this other guy...shallow and
immature yeah, but ugh i hate him sometimes. Then we came
back fromt he fireworks on the eversocrowded busses (we
figured we would deal with public transportation instead of
our cars) where I almost fell twice, cause yes, I am that
klutzy. Then we we got back, got stoned, ate again,
watched rainbow brite and went to bed. HAHAHA not that
great of a day, but it just was fun. Today Im all
like "hmmm im bored" as I alawys am. Seriously I really
may not be doing much but my life is pretty fun...and for
that im thankful. Im just missing lindsay like something
horrible. I just need her to be around, cause im sure id
have even more fun. She also pretty much understands me
more than anyone else here and i dont know, we are just

But enough of reminiscing. I gotta get my ass in gear and
get ready, cause I am going out with Alan today to get his
transcripts sent to Berklee (Boston, must be
nice...Pittsburgh just sucks) and as usual, one of our semi-
weekly trips to taco bell. Thats gonna suck, when alan
leaves, who will go to taco hell with me all this time?
Maybe ill convince him that mad mex is a good idea once
again and we will go there today=0) I hope so. He owes me
a meal worth more than $2.=0P

Til later when im sure something will happen.

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