e's issues
2002-07-27 03:15:16 (UTC)


Every now and then I think of all the things that are wrong,
all the people that are hurting, all the time that is
wasting and I can't breathe. I feel as there is a giant
weight on my chest. I'm smothering. And then I breathe.
I'm me. What do I do. I'm not more important than anyone
else and I'm not doing anything grand. I wish so much
sometimes that there was something to make it easier magic
or a force something to believe in. Why do people need
something to believe in? I always say it's to comfort
them/us but perhaps it's not. If there is truly nothing
then is there even a point to our existence besides living.
Evolution. Procreation. And if I'm worried then perhaps
it's just to ensure the continued existence of my species.
HAH. I feel so shallow. It always has to do with me when I
am alone like this. It's always I. I. I. I.