Lenore the fool

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2002-07-27 03:06:42 (UTC)

Okay let's fix this

Everything I've written about Mr. T is crap. Every last word
of it. The only reason why I liked him for a while is cause
he was nice to me and i sorta thought he liked me. Well I
changed my mind, first off i haven't truely liked him as
anything more as a friend for a while. And at this point i'm
pretty t-ed off at him and think he's a giant fuck in the
word. Ditch me once shame on you, ditch me twice shame on
me, ditch me three times shame on you for fucking with the
head of a fool. So people can be such assholes. I am just
not gonna talk to him for a while which won't change anything
cause he never starts talking with me. And guess what
asshole i don't have a crush on you. So you can just fuck
off and relax cause i'm not trying to get with you.

Guys suck. I don't mean to offend but you all really do.