more human than human
2002-07-27 02:42:44 (UTC)

Does anyone still read this thing? anyone reading this.

If your wondering why I don't update often, it's because I
have moced onto the realm of deadjournalness. I guess I'll
give in and tell anyone who hasn't discovered it already my
new journal's address:
There's even a pic there that has gotten quite nnice
ratings from most people who've seen it. The LEAST its
gotten is "nice." Strangely, that one was from the guy I'm
dating. Its a good pic. Everyone else thought so...even my
married friend said it was hot, so I think that counts for
something. But yeah...I still update here occasionally, but
my daily life can be read of on my deadjournal. Just
thought I'd let you know, for any of you who care.