2002-07-26 23:53:55 (UTC)

This Town Stinks!

This town stinks and I mean that absolutely literally. It's
not a big town---on a map you'd see it's about 10 blocks by
8 blocks. The population is something around 700 people.
The problem is we are surrounded by farmlands and some
farmer nearby is using manure to fertilize his fields. And
the smell stinks up the entire town! This seems to happen
mainly right around dinner time. At least the town smells
all right early in the morning when I go for my walks.

We lived four miles from here for 20 years surrounded on
three sides by grass seed fields and never, in all that
time, did we had this problem. It's only in town. The
first summer I called City Hall. *Erika, what's that
terrible smell? Is the town's entire sewer system failing?*
*No,* she laughed. *It's just the farmers again.* Of
course, we don't have air conditioning (few people do out
here) so this means doors and windows are thrown open
because of the heat. And along with the breeze, we
get the smell. The only good thing I can say about it is
that it's helping me lose weight. I don't feel much like
eating when that smell blows through town. It shouldn't
last much longer.
John is working on putting electric out to the greenhouse.
This way we'll no longer have to run an extension cord from
the house for the fan. We'll also be able to have a light
out there in the winter and an electrical outlet for using
electrical tools, like trimmers. It's a hard project mainly
because of all the stuff he has had to move to just get to
the wall. He's found out just how heavy his desk is. It's
a good thing we have some strong, teen-age boys in the house
to help.