the ups and downs of my life
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2002-07-26 23:31:42 (UTC)


im very angry right now and i have been all day. my
brother is such a loser. i mean my dad is making us all
clean the house on our first day of vaca and i have to
dust and mop everything...and all jeremy has to do is the
dishes. and what that will take him like 20 mins where
mine will take me like 4 hours. and plus i have to clean
my room. im not going to mop and dust his though. IM
NOT!!! he can do his own. i just hope his brain doesnt
pop from all that hard dish washing. my god does anything
ever go right for me. well im sure there is but right now
i cant think of one single thing. i feel like screaming
at the top of my lungs.

well im leaving tomorrow for a week. thank goodness. get
away ffrom my mom. she irritates me to no end... dont get
me wrong i love her but we fight all the time.

well i have to pack and im going to take a bubbble bath
after that. so i should start.