The lost little girl
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2002-07-26 20:10:51 (UTC)

i'm back...

well i didn't actually go anywhere..i just have been putting
off writing until now. a lot has happened since i wrote
last...but that's all a blur right now...
last night a bunch of us went camping, yeah i said camping.
We had lots of fun actually. that was until i pulled an inch
long splinter out of my finger...which still hurts i may
add. i am so tired right now i can hardly keep my eyes open
right now..so i'll go and i'll write tomorrow and let you
know how everything went..

love you- jane

daily quote:
" when drunk, stay away from the fire...trust me"- me

" did you make that for me?"- eddie :D

" i wanna kick his ass..can i?"- liz ( lol )