Cute Chaos

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2002-07-26 20:05:54 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 22nd

Baby-sitting this today was hell. I was really crabby and
everything they did made me mad. Cody has been behaving so
well it is just Tristen. The little bitch. I get to deal
with more of it tomorrow. I got a pedicure today. It was so
nice to get a foot massage.

I talked with Korrie and she informed me about her birthday
party. This means that I have to go shopping for her
present I don’t know what I am going to get her though.
When you ask her she says that she does not want anything.
Complicated girl!

Tony was not home when I called him... He was out cruising.
He called me back in tears because of some traffic tickets.
I feel really bad. He can't really ever catch a break. I
feel so bad too because I am so far away and there was
really no way for me to help him. I can't give him a hug or
anything. It makes me mad. He is coming over on Wednesday
so I am happy that I get to see him before he goes out of
town though.

I was out in the drive way talking with Rusty and Chris,
and Tom, Rusty’s little brother, comes over to start shit.
Those little kids piss me off. They so are stupid. After
fighting with them I took Tom by the back of his neck and
walked him down to the street. Rusty kind of like drug him
or hit him or something and Tom started to throw rocks.
Rusty pegged him with one and Tom ran home to get a knife.
He comes back with this knife and starts to go after Rusty
with it. Of coarse he did not get very far. It scared me
though. I did not want anyone getting hurt. The little kids
just piss me off and they take things to far.

Carroll from Planned Parenthood called me today while I was
baby-sitting. Because of some law she had to make a report
about what the rape. I asked her thought if she could wait
until after the results could come in so that I could at
least have that for good news. I just don't know how to
break it to my dad.