Skyla Metallium

Skyla's Dream World Journal
2001-01-09 15:20:13 (UTC)

January 9th,2001-7:20 AM --RL--..

January 9th,2001-7:20 AM
Well,I have to get ready for school soon,but I'm bored,so
I'll write for a bit.

Okay,we've managed to get to my old city,and we spend the
night there. I ended up sleeping between Kuzco (Gah!He
likes to cuddle-no room!=p) and my husband
Marron.Oh,well,he's not anymore...we had a talk, and
decided that,since we're going to a city with different
laws,we didn't HAVE to be married anymore...and,there
wasn't much romantic love there anyways,so that's over.
I feel like going on a date!!But,there's nobody here to
date!!*frowns*I need someone in my
life,but.*sighs*whatever...I still haven't figured out what
to do about the seriously makes me wanna
cry,there's nothing i can do!I don't have the power to deal
with something like that!But,I can't have my friends do
it..that wouldn't be fair to them.This is something I alone
have to do,but..I just don't know how...
Anyways,I guess I should go for cat's bugging the
heck outta me,I need to see what she wants.
-Skyla Glace

--RL--6:30 PM
OKay...this it TOTALLY bugging me...I keeping thinking about Trewyn's
friend Wufei. I don't know why!!!!!I'm SURE I don't like him!*pouts*I
don't get it..this hasn't happened before!*shakes her

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