Get with my program or get off my case.
2001-07-05 14:58:45 (UTC)

anti-crombie we luv u

While at my computer late last night, my good friend anti-
crombie e-mailed me. She wants me to switch my diary over
to where hers is. I told her I would, but
I'm not going to do it today because I don't have time.
I'm not going to delete this one, It's important that I
have my real feelings pinned up somewhere in some little-
traveled corner of the web for other people to examine and
possibly identify with.
My brother and sister did some sparklers last night. I
didn't want to because of what happened with the cherry
spinner a few Christmases ago (my real father threw it at
me and it caught my pants on fire), but I did one just to
humor them.
Well, I have to go get my senior pictures made today, oh
joy. I haven't done my nails or my hair or my makeup or
put in my contacts, and my grandmother is coming at 11:30
to pick us up. I'd drive myself, but I don't want to go
alone and I don't have a car, and I'd ask one of my friends
but they're all acting like I have the plague. I wonder
what I did wrong? I must have done something. Now I know
K2 (if I ask her what I did) will say I'm being paranoid
and stupid, that she's just been busy but I have 6 numbers
in my memory dial and I can't even read those six buttons
anymore, the writing is rubbed off from being pressed so
many times.
I can't help but be paranoid, half of my family uses the
silent treatment to tell you they're mad at you, and I've
been around them so little that I'm not getting my brain
screwed with enough, so I think other people are screwing
with me, and generally they're not.
SSB called me the other day, and she is the last person I
wanted to hear from. She is such a slut. Why is it guys
fall all over themselves to ask her out, and in my 3 years
of high school I've had 3 boyfriends? Apple Jax for 2
months, AHS unibomber for 14 months, and SuperStooge for 5
1/2 months. I don't get it. I probably never will.