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2001-07-05 14:27:09 (UTC)


The other night I hurt someone very close to me. my friends had wrote I didn't have a boyfriend and I didn't want one.
Well, that was a lie. I did have a boyfriend, and his name was james. I loved James very much and I still do love him; but james refuses to forgive me and I hope he will forgive me. It's really important to enjoy a person you love wile they're with you. I unfortunately was selfish through the relationship., although I tried to be there for james when he needed me most; but unfortunately I hurt him through a very bad time for him when he needed all the support he could get. SEe a very close cousin of his is diing of cancer. So i would appreciate it if all the people who would read this page would pray for his cousin, because he mans a lot to james and I want james to be happy. James is a really great guy; and I dedicate this page to him. James if you're reading this............ I hope you forgive me, because I want you back in my life. Well that is all for now .
james I loved you and I still do love you always.