2002-07-26 16:43:28 (UTC)


vacation sucked as usual.. i mean it was ok for a while. it
didnt rain or nothin. well a while and at night but not
when we were out doing stuff outside and shit. i brought
my best friend. we've known eachother since we were still
pissing our pants! i mean its been almost 10 yrs since
we've been friends! she has some kind of
depression/seperation anxiety, so she was really sad being
away from her parents! i dont think she knows i know about
it, and i dont wanna talk about it to her. what do u say
really? "oh hi, i know your taking prozak! how's the
depression goin?" i swear i think depression grows on you
cuzz iight now im down, not up. *sigh* later~

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