My BFL story
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2002-07-26 15:52:00 (UTC)

July 26, 2002 Friday Day 4

Wow, long time since I have been here. More than a year
later I am STILL battling with my weight issues.... I
weighed in at a whopping 142.9 at JC (Jenny Craig) nearly
two months ago and I have been eating like it is my job.
I feel like I have lost so much of my life.
Anyway, onward. Today is my fourth day of being an active
content person. I have exercised every day for four days
and aimed for good nutrition. Now I must aim for PERFECT
Kier is right though, it will not be smooth sailing until I
reach my goals. At this point, I absolutely cannot have my
cake and eat it too.
This means:
no alcohol except for wine no more than 2 glasses a week
cut out the junk food and fast food binges
be prepared, only have good food on hand
exercise and be active EVERY...SINGLE...DAY

I am tired, tired of dieting. In three months, I can end
the cycle.

I weighed at the gym after lunch, full workout gear, 143 pounds,