Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-07-26 15:51:53 (UTC)

drama parties, yeah. We had a party at Jaclyn's last
night. I got soooooooooooo fucked up, so very fucked up. I
hooked up with Ross., yeah. I needed it
very badly, it was a pretty damn good thing. I probably would
have ended up having sex with him if people hadn't kept
walking in on us, then he locked the door, then I kept
blacking out, and he had no condoms. I actually don't
remember alot of what happened, but I remember that, and I
remember Johnathan dickey sitting at the computer for a
REALLY, REALLY long time. then he disappeared. I think he got
the point that we wanted him to leave. I only slept about two
hours, Jon and I slept on the floor togehter and holly was on
the bed. it was a fucked up night.........and now my friends
I bid adieu. until we meet again