2002-07-26 14:49:15 (UTC)

It's another day!

July 26,2002
Hi again. It is another day and things i guess are going
ok. Besides the fact that I can't find my new dog shy'ann.
She is an 8 month old female lab/collie mix she is
beautiful. We got her yesterday. I love her already. I wish
i could find her though. My friend amy is on her way down.
I don't know what we are going to do but i just know that
she is on her way dowm. Well last night was very depressing
for me. I started to think about things. Like why am i in
love with Jason? Why am i alive? What is my purose in
life? Well I found answers to the last to but the fist one
i still have not reached an answer to yet. All i know is
that I love him! but i am tryin mot to show it. I am tryin
just to be his friend hich seems to be working ok. There is
not much to talk about since it is 9:47 am and not alot has
happened yet. So i think I will right again later.
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